Senegal Field Service Overview

Our New Outreach Ministry  

Council approved congregational support of Mercy Ships at their December, 2019 meeting. Mercy Ships is now part of our community ministry team and along with our missionaries in Mexico City and RAISE Jamaica, Mercy Ships is included in our global outreach. Mercy Ships is an international Christian ministry bringing hope and healing to

the forgotten poor of the world. By bringing hospital ships to various poor countries, Mercy Ships provides free surgical and dental care to people who desperately need the care. Mercy Ships also trains surgeons, nurses and sterile technicians in these countries so healthcare can improve. Mercy Ships also provides palliative care and agricultural training.

Mercy Ships has a volunteer crew and we hope members of Faith Lutheran Church will participate in a medical mission trip. We will announce opportunities for parishioners to serve by giving, volunteering and praying. Contact Lynda Primka for more information about Mercy Ships.

“The Surgery Ship”, a documentary about the Africa Mercy is now available on Amazon Prime. The documentary was done by Mercy Ships Australian group and is about an hour long.

RAISE Jamaica

Faith Lutheran is in partnership with RAISE International. RAISE stands for: Restoring Agriculture and Investing in Sustainable Enterprises. In 2018 we sent a team on a one week mission trip to Highgate, Jamaica to work on the farm and build relationships with the community members.  We are planning a second trip in 2021.

RAISE runs a farm in Highgate that trains farmers in sustainable, conservative farming practices, and small business management.  Graduates can choose to farm on their own ground, or they can lease space at the RAISE farm, where they operate their own farm in cooperation with their neighboring farm owners.  The goal is to provide local families with Food Security, Adequate Housing, Meaningful Employment, and the opportunity to give back to their community.  Contact Mike Niemeyer for more information about RAISE Jamaica

To learn more about RAISE International, work in Jamaica and to become a partner, please check online at: