We are embarking on something exciting at our church: Walk by Faith. This appeal allows us to make both enhancements and long-needed repairs to our church facilities.

We envision new carpet in the sanctuary, a sound system that always works, new space for our traditional choir, a remodeled and functional kitchen, an inviting parking lot and grounds, an upgraded and reliable HVAC system and other improvements.

We seek to invite the community to Faith Lutheran Church and to Christ. Warm and friendly facilities will help with our outreach. In other words, we are raising funds for improvements that have a purpose! Improving our physical plant shows our respect for the Lord. It is his house, after all. We will achieve these improvements by raising funds through the Walk By Faith appeal.

The spiritual dimension to this appeal. Walk By Faith is grounded in Bible study, honest conversation about giving and sacrifice and, of course, lots of prayer. Yes, these are exciting times at Faith Lutheran Church, especially as we Walk By Faith.

“For we walk by faith.” – II Corinthians 5:7

Rev Dr. Robert Stelter

Pastor, Faith Lutheran Church